I feel that a two-party system is critical to our democracy and democratic process. However what I see is a bastardization of a Republican Party I no longer recognize. I ask myself daily why my fellow citizens continue to support the Republican Party and this president.

We are faced with runaway corporate tax breaks while failing to adequately address small-business needs.

For four years, we have waited for a health care system that would replace the Affordable Care Act. Instead what we are faced with is an attempt to eliminate any type of health care protection including the removal of protection for pre-existing conditions.


Why would we support a president who has turned his back on our European allies and embraces an authoritarian Russian government? Why would we support a president who refers to members of the military as suckers and losers? Why would we support a president who wants to eliminate payroll tax as a precursor to eliminating Social Security? Why support a president that makes a mockery of freedom of speech and the press?

If you are a supporter of this president and the Republican Party, please ask yourself why, and do it with knowledge and understanding of the facts. Ask yourself, is the country better off than four years ago, and does this party and president represent the principles this country was founded on?