If Joni Ernst is re-elected to the U.S. Senate, she will continue to vote to allow insurance companies to deny you coverage due to pre-existing conditions. She will continue to vote to take away your health insurance (Obamacare) during this most challenging time. Theresa Greenfield will

always fight for affordable health care and not allow insurance companies to once again deny a person coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

Many veterans still suffer from injuries incurred while serving their country that are not yet recognized by the Veterans Administration for coverage. Remember how long it took for agent orange? How many veterans are denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions when trying to find affordable health insurance on the open market?


Insurance companies are finally not allowed to use pre-existing conditions against anyone, but Joni Ernst keeps voting to allow them to resurrect this practice. Sixty years ago, my deceased sister Helen Wolf was a victim of this policy, all because she had a thyroid problem.

Theresa Greenfield will always work and vote for affordable health care for all people and not allow companies to discriminate against anyone.