Having parents who grew up during the Great Depression, I learned the importance of saving for a rainy day. Likewise, to spend wisely, plus if I couldn’t afford something, I needed to go without! (I, therefore, admire others who do the same!)

The only thing is, society keeps pushing everyone to spend, spend, spend! Plus, in the schools, I don’t think they’re teaching money management or budgeting, since students are more interested in satisfying their wants than their needs! (This is clearly evident with this nation’s skyrocketing credit card debt!)

So, you can probably guess, when I was on the Dubuque Community School Board, I tried to cut corners whenever possible — especially during a time when the district was really hurting for funding! I think I can also say, most districts in the area were able to curtail their spending, but not Davenport! No, see they decided to dip illegally into district reserves! They then whined after being reprimanded for their actions! (Apparently, they wanted the state to loosen up its purse strings, rather than tightening their own!)

Let’s also not forget, Illinois and California are on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, while expecting the rest of the nation to bail them out. The only thing is, how can they hope for that when the U.S. needs to borrow money from other countries just to stay afloat? (The COVID-19 pandemic certainly hasn’t helped either!)

I’m, therefore, proud that Iowa is still running in the black, while stashing funds away for emergencies!

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