A request form for a ballot toward the November election was received. It is certainly a handy way to vote.

Then a realization struck as to how the received ballot may be handled. We may all envision filling out the ballot and placing it in the voting machine to get it counted after having provided our personal ID.

Now consider the term ballot-harvesting. It should be a concern to all eligible voters. It destroys the integrity of our election.

One should be informed about what a candidate stands for and would vote for before marking a ballot.

Just think how ballot harvesting might work.

People that have died or moved may remain on the record as eligible voters unless removed. If the ballot is checked, they could pass as an eligible voter.

Think of the number of people in nursing homes and hospitals who are unable to physically vote, but names could be associated with eligible voters. What coercion can occur for marking that ballot or marked from biased source?

How about a political rally that excites a crowd, gives our applications to obtain a ballot, then later someone collects the ballots and forgets to turn in the ballots of the opposing party for counting?

If you want your vote to count the best way would be to go to the voting booth, where your picture ID confirms you as the voter.

Ballot harvesting should not be allowed. A family member or trusted designated friend adds security.

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