Still haven’t settled on a New Year’s resolution? Instead of that no-carb diet that will wane in a few months, consider doing something this year that helps your community, is drastically needed and is even heroic. Consider becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Throughout the tri-state area, volunteer fire departments and ambulance services are struggling desperately to recruit enough members to perform their vital services.

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Who Knows

The Media Culture is killing altruism.


Eventually, the role of EMS will be removed from volunteer status and placed on the tax roles. The number of calls will continue to rise, while the number of EMS able to respond will decrease. (City fire and EMS all used to be volunteer.) Many rural areas across the country are taxpayer funded (I am in one.) which severely reduces response time...which costs lives. Sad


If it's so critical, why hasn't Dubuque county made it an essential service? 2021 SF615 was passed giviing them the power to do so.

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