Is Iowa prepared to become another California or New York? When Abby Finkenauer votes 93% of the time with Nancy Pelosi it indicates a similarity in long-term goals. I have a hard time visualizing Iowans wanting to pay California fuel prices and electric bills as Nancy caters to the Hollywood jet set.

Northeast Iowans are hardworking people who know how to live within their means. Congresswoman Finkenauer is concerned about the amount of debt students have after leaving college. If she expects special treatment for recipients of student loans, why would the government not buy tools and a new pickup truck for a young person seeking a career in the trades or agriculture?


She seeks a $15 minimum wage, which eliminates starter jobs for our young people. Small businesses are the training grounds for our youth. It is difficult to pay competitive wages until the employee meets the required skill level. Any person knows the more you pay in wages, the more your product or service will cost.

Let’s keep northeast Iowa a great place to raise a family, go to the county fair, enjoy the outdoors and feel free to wave to your neighbor.