I’m so disappointed (but not really surprised) that our U.S. congressional representative, Ashley Hinson, did not vote to censure Arizona congressman Paul Gosar.

Apparently, Hinson feels it is OK to threaten a colleague with violence.

I wonder how she would feel if she had been the target of a “funny” cartoon that suggested someone kill her? Or if her co-workers allowed members of Congress to make sick jokes at her expense?

I don’t know which is worse: that she is willing to tolerate and accept this kind of behavior, or, that she might not be able to think for herself and merely votes the way her party tells her to.

I spent 10 years in this community educating students about violence and violence prevention. I can only hope that my former students, now young adults, can recognize that Mr. Gosar’s actions are clear examples of harassment, bullying, emotional violence and intimidation. His “funny” video also demonstrates egregious unprofessional, inappropriate and unkind conduct in the workplace.

So much for “Iowa nice.”

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