On Jan. 6, 2021, we witnessed an attack on our nation’s Capitol, resulting in injuries and even deaths. All of this brutality was televised. We learned this was instigated by President Donald Trump and his followers. This was the beginning of the destruction of our democracy and our First Amendment rights.

Trump and his followers work tirelessly to take these rights away. The far right is attacking the LGBTQ community. Strict anti-abortion laws have been passed in multiple states. Over 900,000 have died from COVID-19 while they refuse to wear masks and get vaccinated. Their refusal to pass “Build Back Better” is hurting our economy. Republicans will only work to pass laws that benefit the wealthy.

Our freedom of speech is under attack by passing voter suppression laws and creating gerrymandered maps across the states, as in Wisconsin. How many times does it have to be proven that the election was safe and secure? Joe Biden won, not Trump. Former Justice Michael Gableman is wasting our taxpayers’ money with his continued investigation.

They have stepped up the rhetoric surrounding public education, banning books and making false claims about CRT being taught.

Trump was following Vladimir Putin’s lead by attacking the press. Trump claimed “fake news” when reports put him in an unfavorable light. Putin shut down factual reporting about the war in Ukraine. Dictators hate a free press. Our press must be protected in America.

All of these liberties are currently under attack in America. We must vote out people who still support these lies.

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"All of these liberties are currently under attack in America. We must vote out people who still support these lies." The former Trump administration is already gone, guess the writer means they want Biden and the rest removed.

Who Knows

Well stated


Get real. Who is it that just installed a "Minister of Truth"?

The left is far more in the game of thwarting civil liberties.

And what of the Jan. 6 protestors. Some still languish in prison held and uncharged in violation of the Constitution.

Who Knows

The fact of the matter is that U.S. liberties are under attack from far left

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