The fact that Thanksgiving is a moving target from year to year can totally throw me off my holiday planning game.

Last year, I was like, “Wait, it can’t be Thanksgiving already!” Yet, it was, right there on Nov. 22 — the earliest possible date Thanksgiving can occur. Now I am already fretting about this year’s schedule and the ridiculously short window between Thanksgiving and Christmas because this year the holiday is as late as it can possibly be.

For a minute I chided myself. So the holiday moves around, should that really throw me off this much? Then I recalled seeing numerous articles about how completely wrecked some people are by the change in daylight saving time — and that’s only an hour.

Experts say the one-hour time change can have a serious impact on mental alertness, and people report feeling jet-lag like symptoms.

And I thought the hard part was remembering how to change the clock in the car.

Yet people say they are off their game for weeks after moving the clocks.

I took that to mean that it’s OK if I’m a little put off by a six-day swing in my holiday preparedness schedule.

Here at the Telegraph Herald, we are preparing for the biggest newspaper of the year. We’re loading up on extra content to match the hefty collection of ads inside. Next week’s Thanksgiving Day edition will include 27 inserted advertising supplements that day so you can map out a shopping strategy.

You don’t even have to wait until turkey day to make your plans. The package of ads will hit the streets by 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 27. You can pick up a copy at any local convenience store or grocery store.

The Circulation Department wants me to note that if you do not wish to receive the Thanksgiving Day paper or you have any other subscription change, you need to contact customer service by 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, due to holiday hours. Customer service hours will be 6-10 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day by phone 563-588-5620 or 1-800-562-1825.

Enjoy this extra-long lead up to Thanksgiving and get ready for the Christmas crunch starting Nov. 29.

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