Have farmers gotten their fill of Donald Trump yet? Especially after he caused China to enact a second round of tariffs against their farm products?

As if the tariff on soybeans wasn’t enough! And he capped it off with a gift to Big Oil, freeing them from adding ethanol to their gasoline. Now ethanol plants are closing left and right across the state, drying up that market for farmers’ corn.

And who has been a stalwart supporter, standing beside Trump? Our own senator, Joni Ernst. Remember her? She is up for re-election.

Who could forget the woman who was going to Washington to “make ‘em squeal.” Since going to Washington, the only gonads Joni Ernst has cut has been those of Iowa farmers, while she stands staunchly beside Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

They are an unholy triumvirate who have attacked the asylum-seekers at our southern border, and taken children from their parents.

If you think it is bad that they have taken farmers’ livelihood, how would you feel if they took your kids?

It is time to vote them out of office. Trump, McConnell and Ernst should all be voted out.

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