Sen. Joni Ernst, writing in the TH Feb. 14, tries to quickly turn the page and distract us from the fact that she and a majority of her GOP colleagues, who were recently threatened by a mob of violent White supremacists and conspiracy-deluded vandals, voted to acquit former President Donald Trump of inciting this violence. Ernst goes after President Joe Biden for not being unifying enough. This is quite rich after four years of Trump setting us against each other to the point where even basic public health has been politicized.

Ernst neglects to mention that Biden’s far-from-radical executive actions are almost entirely undoing Trump’s similar actions.

Ernst could be a visionary leader if she would recognize that a fossil-fuel-based economy is not a truly livable future. In spite of our current cold snap, our warming climate is the real radical change-maker. Burning gasoline (even dosed with corn ethanol) is not the optimal way forward. General Motors has announced it intends to make the vast majority of its fleet fully electrical within 14 years.

What we really need is to not double down on the status quo but invest in renewable energy, develop new uses and markets for Iowa-based farm products, train and equip our population for a new economy, and compassionately help farmers and wage earners make this transition, which no doubt will have challenges.

Senator Ernst, working across the aisle for these goals would make you a hero.

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