Jeff Wright, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Assembly District 51, pointed out in the debate at Pecatonica High School that there are no voucher schools in the district.

I believe that private, tax-funded, voucher schools are destroying our public schools in the 51st District.

Our hard-earned school tax dollars are leaving the district for these voucher and for-profit charter schools. Unlike no other tax-funded enterprise, there is no accountability to us from voucher schools, as they have no publicly elected school board to monitor and shepherd our precious school resources.

Our public schools are the heart of our communities. The one-party system in Madison is continuing to destroy our local identity. Jeff Wright’s opponent, who votes with that one-party system 95 percent of the time, is contributing to our demise and forcing us to fund a continuing round of local school referenda in order to simply keep our public school doors open.

Nearly 75 percent of the students in the statewide voucher schools were already attending private schools before Jeff Wright’s opponents in the Republican-dominated Assembly began their attack on our public schools.

We need to change some faces in Madison. Jeff Wright’s opponent voted to maintain the expansion of voucher schools. Please vote for Jeff Wright to be our voice to save our rural public schools.

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