Are we on the horizon of total anarchy?

When Obama said he would “fundamentally change America” it was one of the few times he spoke the truth. President Biden, Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, and all their ilk, have echoed his policy.

According to immigration officials unafraid to speak, open borders will add a population equivalent to Chicago within a few years. They are illegal aliens who broke numerous laws to get here. It is insane that Democrat-controlled government rewards the criminals with free food, housing, health insurance and education. Then they dare to send the bill to you every April.

To millions of patriotic American citizens, this is not a race or color issue. The actions of the illegals are a fundamental attack on our Constitution and the rule of law.

We seem to be living in a backward land where the innocent pay for the guilty’s crimes. Mexican drug cartels, purveyors of this perverse policy, are enriched by the immigrants and enabled to smuggle more drugs across the border to addict the vulnerable and further erode the family structure.

President Trump’s policies stopped most of this. Biden, or whoever gives him instructions, reversed the progress.

America is ripe for revolution. I hope and pray it happens with votes and not violence.

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