This letter addresses two things: The Democrats push to eliminate the Senate filibuster and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (President Biden’s form of voting reform). They need the first in order to do the second. The House passes bills quickly (simple majority) while the Senate is more deliberate (60 votes to pass most legislation). This invokes compromise between both political parties. To eliminate the filibuster in order to ram through one party’s legislation (such as Biden’s voting reform) is wrong.

In 2019, Joe Biden when campaigning in Iowa said “ending the filibuster is a very dangerous thing to do.” Biden campaigned as a moderate. What changed?

There is no voter-suppression epidemic. I feel all American citizens, through absentee or in-person, find it easy to vote. I think all of us can agree with the “easy to vote, hard to cheat” mantra. This voting bill proposes federal takeover of local and state elections. It eliminates voter ID and signature verification, thus eliminating voting as a privilege granted to citizens only.

Our nation is based on Federalism whereby power is divided between the national government (executive, judicial and legislative) and the 50 state governments. Several reasons our founders created this system was to protect individual liberties and to create a built-in check on the powers of government. Passing this bill transfers power and control from the local and state level to the federal level. Knowing how things are run on the federal level, do you really want that?

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