As a human resources professional, I was appalled by the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors’ decision to decrease other elected officials’ salary increases by 75% of the recommended increases while their own increase remained at 2.8%.

Our supervisors are elected as leaders and visionaries, and this action was neither. The military concept of “no man left behind” applies to this situation, and the message that has been sent to our elected officials is demotivating and simply wrong.

The supervisors’ lack of awareness regarding the impact of this action is disturbing and makes me question their commitment to equity.

If decreases were necessary, the supervisors’ increase should have been decreased proportionately. A true leader would not sacrifice salaries for the other elected officials without making the same sacrifice for themselves.

I commend Ann McDonough for her courage in voting against the motion and arguing for larger increases that would have brought our elected officials’ salaries in line with similar-sized counties throughout the state of Iowa.