The League of Women Voters hosted a meeting in Dubuque on the Electoral College. Their speaker was Christopher Budzisz, a professor at Loras College. The article stresses, what Mr. Budzisz believes. The Electoral College should be done away with and replaced by the “popular vote.”

The founding fathers wanted everyone to have a say in picking our president, for they established the Electoral College. Do you realize if we went to the popular vote, the president would be picked by the populous states of California, New York, Florida. The smaller states would have no say in the election. Popular vote would have invalidated 3,084 counties. ie: there are 3,141 counties in the U.S. Trump won 3,084, Clinton won 57.

It also stated that we are a Democratic government. He should know we are a Constitutional Republic. He also stated that the Constitution is a “living document.” Many people will argue that philosophy.

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