Citizen involvement and civic engagement, plus valuing people, adding value to people and putting a value on people, are the key ingredients that longtime Dubuque resident and Dubuque City Council candidate Laura Roussell embraces on a daily basis.

Laura always sees the common good and common decency in everyone that she meets, and has a deep appreciation of human values. Laura makes a profound and daily investment in people. Laura has created a life filled with balanced goals and a strong sense of purpose.

In the nine years that I have known Laura, I have observed these values in her. I have observed Laura’s strong involvement in “Make a Difference Day” as vice chairman, being a board member of Almost Home homeless shelter, founding Trees Forever, involvement with heating assistance for low-income families, being an officer in the Kiwanis Club, being selected “Eyes on the Future” and “A Person Who Makes a Difference,” plus other civic involvement.

Laura has deep compassion for all of God’s children, and a deep devotion and love for our beloved city of Dubuque.

Laura and her positive attitude, good decision-making and strong convictions and vision for the city and its residents are what’s good about our country and our city. Laura always has a positive attitude and strong convictions for her vision for Dubuque.

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