It saddens me greatly to hear about major cities around this country experiencing a great deal of violence and looting — oh, not just to local businesses, but also to state and federal buildings! So much so, that their police presence is seemingly unable to maintain order.

Worse yet, claiming that they have everything under control, while rejecting the idea that they might need some assistance from outside sources. Instead, letting gangs and anarchists run wild, while ruling the streets — meaning citizens don’t live with order but with fear!

I wonder if their response would also be the same if numerous large fires suddenly occurred around the city, being driven by high winds — so large, that the local fire department couldn’t contain them? Would they then seek assistance from neighboring communities, or sit idly by watching the town go up in flames? Because, in many ways, that’s what’s happening to several metropolitan areas around this country.


Personally, if that would ever occur in Dubuque, I would hope Mayor Buol would reach out to both state and federal authorities in an attempt to help restore peace and harmony to the area. Not only that, but where the public will not only support, but stand by, and with, those social servants who are trying to protect our way of life.

Because, without that, there is only chaos and rioting — which sad to say, is now happening in many parts of this country, taking us back to the days of the Wild West!