Big corporations, according to several presidential candidates, have too much power in our nation. The claim is made that big corporations often fail to make decisions that adequately address the needs and concerns of their employees and the common good.

Outrageous compensation packages are given to top executives in some of the big corporations while at the same time denying their employees a living wage and benefits such as paid sick leave and paid family care leave.

The gulf/chasm between those at the top and those on the lower economic levels continues to grow, especially in the service industries. For many corporations, profits tend to be more important than their workers.

Should we not expect that corporations have significant representation of their employees on their boards?

In Germany, for example, corporations are required to have a minimum of 30% of their board members be employees. If we had a similar requirement, the huge disparity between those at the top and those on the bottom of the economic ladder would likely begin to diminish.

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