Corporations shouldn’t pay taxes. Corporations have personhood — are people — according to the Supreme Court. Therefore, corporations should pay personal income tax, just like people.

If you think that’s bonkers, try this: Corporations shouldn’t pay taxes because they don’t make money. In this argument, corporations are not alive, they are just inanimate mechanisms to collect money for goods and services, and the corporate slaves — workers and owners — are then paid. So corporations are merely distributors of money, and therefore should be exempt from any income taxes.

Turn it about in your mind as you might, corporations are socialist in the sense that they are instruments of the government. A corporation doesn’t exist without government approval. A corporation has legal standing only when it has the proper government documents in hand asserting it is a corporation. Corporate boards of directors are secret conniving socialists in pin-striped suits.

Corruption in government is mostly caused by corporations lobbying and paying off lawmakers to eke out some nameless tax break or another. Can’t blame them. Corporations, just like people, are greedy and selfish. It’s just what they do. They are not evil. We should feel sorry for them, actually. How can they sleep at night?

So it’s too difficult to get rid of corporate tax breaks? Just get rid of corporate taxes.

Problem solved.

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