I have had the pleasure of knowing Danny Sprank for 15 years, and he would make an outstanding choice for the Ward 3 Dubuque City Council seat.

I know the passion he has for the citizens of the North End, especially, and for all residents of Dubuque.

If he does not happen to know the exact answer for some issue or question, he will not rest until it is resolved, and I am positive that he will always be available to listen to anyone, on any subject, regardless of what it is, and bring an open mind and an open ear to the table.


Danny is very passionate about the present and future of Dubuque and will do everything in his power as a member of the City Council to see it through.

If I did not think that Danny had the time and/or expertise to follow this through, then even with our longtime friendship I would not be able to endorse him, but I do know his heart, and he will not just lean back in his chair.

He is and will be a man of action, and I plead with you to please vote for him in the primary Oct. 8, and again in the general election Nov. 5.