If the Atlantic article is true, the POTUS should resign. Generations of American troops have shed blood around the work to defend freedoms and U.S. vital interests. Duty, honor, country ... are the values we who served in the military hold true and drives us to serve our nation. Many of us still continue to serve, after retirement or service, in the Legion, VFW, DAV, AMVETS, and other veteran organizations.

The disrespect from this president was made public calling those who made the ultimate sacrifice “losers” and “suckers,” those who volunteered to serve “dopes and babies,” and he has refused to act on reports of Russia paying bounties to kill our troops serving in Afghanistan.

Someone who questions why a person in the military would give their life while serving is someone unfit to hold the office. Yet, he continues to use those in uniform as political props, has dirtied others opinions, and is unfit to lead our nation as Commander in Chief.


These positions alone are enough reason he should not be our president, but do not be a one position person. A president should be for the entire package of respect, honor, ethics, non-racist, who unites our nation, not try to tear it down. As one of those millions (served more than 35 years), now 100% disabled, I would serve again.

My father (Navy), brothers (Army & Navy), sister (Peace Corps), served our nation for all of you, with our families' support. Proud to be an American veteran.