If the names Terry Funderburk or Gail Hodge or Tom Keating mean anything to you, there’s a golden nugget of Dubuque history you need to read.

What some Wahlert Catholic High School alums and sports buffs will know is that what those three have in common is that each was coach of a powerhouse team that would collectively become a dynasty: Wahlert volleyball.

TH sportswriters cover more than 40 schools in the tri-state area and more than a dozen different teams at some of those schools. But there’s only one we’ve written a book about.

The Wahlert volleyball team has won more state championships than any other school in Iowa in any sport. Those championships came in every decade Iowa has had state volleyball tournaments: the 1970s, the ’80s, the ’90s, the 2000s, and then the rare feat in any sport — the three-peat in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

TH sports reporter Brenden West penned this book after last year’s winning season, and it’s available now at the TH or at TelegraphHerald.com/store — just click on books and look for “Golden Girls.”

Do I hawk nearly every product we have around here? Yes. Yes, I do. But this one is pretty special. If you or someone you know has ever played volleyball at Wahlert, they absolutely would love this book. This is a telling of a thin slice of history that no one else has ever really mined. For anyone with any connection to that program throughout its history, this is a treasure.

The photos are unreal. Our newsroom historian, Mike Day, combed through thousands of negatives and found incredible photos from every era. Even the folks at Wahlert were amazed at the images we found. And right now it’s $20. A steal. And an easy Christmas gift for your daughter who rode the bench in 1984. (Stop looking at me.) (Just kidding. I wasn’t good enough to ride the bench. This is Wahlert volleyball.)


If you’ve seen the latest issue of BizTimes.biz or the ads in the TH, you know that this year’s class of Rising Stars has been unveiled. And what a great group it is. Working in fields ranging from the financial sector to health care, marketing to insurance, these 12 are giving back to the tri-state community in myriad ways.

You can read all about the winners in the September edition of BizTimes or at TelegraphHerald.com/biztimes. While you’re there, click on the box for tickets and join us for the Rising Star Award breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at the Diamond Jo Casino Harbor Room. For the price of a $20 ticket, this makes for a great business networking event. Rising Star is sponsored by Dubuque Bank & Trust and presented by BizTimes.biz.

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