The crisis at the southern border would not be happening were it not for President Biden’s comments during the primaries. One has to go back 20 years to see this volume of illegal immigration. This administration has the gall to call it only a challenge and at the same time blame it on President Trump.

On top of that, they tried to put a media blackout on the conditions of the children’s shelters. Hopefully the media will be able to show what is going on very soon. Their phony play of it being their moral responsibility is a ruse. The primary intent of this administration is to get as many illegals into the country, get them citizenship and count on their votes to dominate the Republicans as soon as possible.

Now the administration is asking for volunteers to help this self-induced tragedy. Seems a good time for the liberals to use their White privileged anguish and get down there and bear witness. They won’t need one of the “Biden, please let us in” T-shirts. Wonder where they all got those T-shirts?

This is only the beginning of Biden’s “liberating” leadership. His agenda calls for liberating us from our energy independence, liberating foreign leaders to dominate our foreign relations, liberating our money back into more taxes, and liberating climate control back to the out-of-control restrictions of the Obama-Biden era. The unity Biden espouses appears an alias for “our way or the highway”.

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