On Dec. 18, the House of Representatives voted along party lines to impeach the president.

Impeachment is meant to be a last resort for addressing crimes or misdemeanors committed by a president, neither of which is found in the impeachment articles. The impeachment vote was a partisan vote in an effort to impact the 2020 election and is based on testimony of hearsay and opinion rather than facts.

A president shouldn’t be removed simply because the opposing party doesn’t agree with his policies.

Our representative, Abby Finkenauer, voted to impeach the president even though no crimes were committed; it was strictly a political vote. Finkenauer showed her partisan colors by siding with elite Washington bureaucrats and liberal representatives from California rather than standing with her own constituents in the Dubuque area.

Those of us who have taken time to read the transcript of the president’s call with the Ukrainian president clearly understand our president committed no crime. However, Finkenauer doesn’t care; she did what her party leadership told her to do, rather than backing folks in her own district who voted for the president in 2016.

Has Finkenauer spent her time reducing our taxes, fixing Social Security or stopping illegal immigration? No, she spent her time trying to oust a duly elected president. Finkenauer and her congressional colleagues don’t care how damaging impeachment is to our country and the presidency; they only care about gaining power at any cost. For this reason, we must remove them from office next November.