It seems that the TH on Nov. 3 got the cost for Elizabeth Warren’s plan for health care wrong.

The TH stated her plan calls for about $52 billion in federal spending, but it is $52 trillion.

And yes, taxes for the middle class will go up; some estimate $10,000 for every man, woman and child per year.

So when Warren says taxes won’t go up, she is lying, just like she said she was a Native American or that she got fired because she was pregnant.

Any time you hear the word “free,” you can be sure your taxes are going up for the middle class. Neither party would pass this bill in Congress.

The budget for the federal government is around $5 billion a year for all programs funded by Congress.

Yes, candidates lie, so we need to listen carefully before we vote.

Editor’s note: A correction of the TH’s billion-trillion error was published on the front page Nov. 5. The Congressional Budget Office projected fiscal 2019 spending to be $4.4 trillion.

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