I hope that many will agree with thousands of others that we have had enough of the violence that is plaguing our many cities. Due to the death of Black persons by law enforcement officers, there have been peaceful demonstrations. Had they stayed that way, the Black Lives Matter movement would have gathered many sympathetic followers and steps could be taken to resolve issues of racial concerns.

But when Black Lives Matter became a “battle cry” to injure and kill people, to destroy millions of dollars’ worth of private property, to break in and loot hundreds of stores, disregard any law and order and continue to commit pure evil, then BLM became a derogatory movement with all the sinister words that could apply. If Black Lives Matter, why burn the building owned and managed by Black people? What will it take to end this madness? Are you tired of seeing and hearing of the pure evil every day? What the Black Lives Matter movement wants may not happen until the movement becomes peaceful.


We can hope and pray that there is an end to the violence soon. Rational minds can then meet to work out the problems.