A is for available, which you always are. B is for belief in what you do and C means that you care.

D is for dedication, the amount you have is huge. E stands for ever-ready for whatever comes your way.

F stands for fearless and the faith everyone has in you. G says great job for all you do.


I is for immediate response, no delay, and J is for judicious — oh yes, you are in making wise decisions and giving strength in what you choose to say.

K means kindness. Then there is LMNOP which comes out as lots more notes of pride.

QRST has you quiet, reserved, steadfast and trusted not only by patients, but by the people you work with, side by side.

That leaves UVWXY and Z, Z, Z?

You are understanding, vital and wonderful.

X — let’s see, the 24th letter of any alphabet also stands for 10 which is what you all rate. And Y stands for you, you, you, too, for all of you.

Which brings us to Z for zest or zealous, which describes all of you eager, enthusiastic people.

Thank you first responders, God bless you!