Just think, what if the people we vote in put America first? If Washington D.C. were not such a cesspool of hate, America could really be great again.

All the wars that men and women have fought and died in were not for us to watch our government officials become complete hate mongers. Why must the ones in power use that very power to spew their hate at one another? The Democrats don’t seem to think so or they would not be doing the hate mongering toward America and its president. And our president would stop the fight on Twitter with whoever disagrees with him. He should copy comments like G.W. Bush or Jimmy Carter made, none at all.

Now a little prediction on Dubuque politics. Get ready for 7-0 votes at council meetings again. Now that the city manager has proven who is really in charge of our world near the Mississippi. He should get a raise for just being the top gun. His three pups will follow him no matter what it costs us. And from what has been told to me the new signs will be changed from “work ahead” to “you cannot get there from here.”

And a mighty big thank-you to Mr. Rios, Mr. Del Toro, Ms. Larson, for trying to look out for the taxpayers of Dubuque. And to Mr. Shaw, thank you also, but you may be next.

And yet, no place can beat America or Dubuque, so far.

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