In reaction to the Telegraph Herald front page piece of Aug. 2, which focused on candidates most/least favored by citizens who have viewed the CNN presentations of the debates among candidates aspiring to become the Democratic presidential nominee:

I believe that the debate format does not lend itself to the deep exposure one should expect of genuinely qualified candidates.

Left out of the questions put to those folks is the one question which, however ironic it may seem, is recommended by our current president. That question is: “How would you go about deciding who is qualified to serve in a Cabinet post for your administration?”

Answers to this question would undoubtedly lead to follow-on questions having to do with the candidates’ understandings of the contributions Cabinet members and other presidential advisers are expected to make in bringing about and maintaining coherent and mission-specific operations considered vital to the fulfillment of candidates’ understandings of what it means to be the president of the United States of America.

More specific questions regarding programs and policies should follow. To date, nothing of consequence along these lines has materialized in the CNN debates. This is a much to be regretted omission.

It does not speak well of those chosen to put questions to candidates. It is surprising that those same candidates themselves have not managed to raise the question mentioned early on in this letter.

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