The claim of Mr. Gutierrez, the owner of 7 Hills Brewery, that the mandate to wear masks is “tyranny” is absurd and laughable. I don’t believe that his claim of the mandate being “unconstitutional” is correct, but that will no doubt be settled in the courts.

But what I do believe is that his opinions are a cheap publicity stunt, irresponsible, extremely dangerous and anti-community. His opinion puts everyone who enters and works in his establishment, and by extension the Dubuque community, at risk for contracting and spreading this deadly disease. Unless Mr. Gutierrez also refuses to adhere to “No Shirts. No Shoes. No Service,” for the same reasons, he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

It is beyond me as to why any concerned and enlightened person would want to have their food prepped and served to them by those who could very likely give them the disease. No food or beer is worth the risk. His opinion makes me wonder what other laws or mandates concerning food prep does he consider “tyranny” and “unconstitutional” and thus ignores?

I have enjoyed the hospitality of 7 Hills in the past, but never again, and it is my sincerest hope that the Dubuque community feels the same.