A church I attended has a newsletter which published a guide to use for the upcoming election. You may use it as a guidance as do members of those who have an abiding faith in God.

1. First, don’t vote on the basis of feelings — raw visceral emotions. Why? Untutored, unchecked feelings so often mislead us. Rather, act in an emotional manner. Voters are wisest to exercise political discernment, judgment and reasoning.


2. Admittedly, our Lord does not say: “Vote for Biden” or Vote for Trump.” But He, who people of faith always seek to trust and obey — does say enough in scripture that we can discern some guidance for our voting, prayers are powerful!

3. As both political parties have their platform, voters must compare the president’s character, policies, leadership potential and accomplishments to the challenger’s character, policies, and leadership potential; also, which of the two candidates will probably best serve the common good of the nation, its citizen and taxpayers and then vote accordingly.