In an April 27 Telegraph Herald article, Rep. Ashley Hinson explained her bill, Red Tape Reduction Act, which includes the provision that for every new regulation issued by the Environmental Protection Agency or any other federal department, two existing regulations must be eliminated.

On May 2, the TH printed an article from the Associated Press with the headline, “People of color more exposed than Whites to pollution.” Research documented that on average Black, Hispanic and Asian people were exposed to higher than average levels of fine articles which contribute to health problems such as premature death for people with heart or lung disease, heart attacks, irregular heartbeat and asthma. It also confirmed that White people were subjected to lower than average of air pollution.

With no regard for the merits of any EPA regulations, Hinson goes through the motions of sponsoring a bill that she knows full well could discriminate against at-risk Black, Hispanic and Asian people and that will never pass in the current House of Representatives.

This is bad math, a potential danger for many Americans and not the best use of her time as she works for us, the people of District 1.

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