I’m so tired of waking up to more terrible news. This country has been hit hard the past three and a half years, and it’s time to rebuild our future. It’s time to stop the constant lies from the White House!

It’s time for all Americans to live their dreams of living wages, safe homes, affordable education, protected health care, and live without persecution because of differences!

America has a long list of things that have changed since Obama left office in 2017. This president still blames Obama and Democrats for all the U.S. problems even though it’s Trump’s term and the Republicans have the majority. He alienates our allies, befriends dictators/enemies, and takes no responsibility for reading his daily White House briefings.

This president believes in his feelings/snake oil peddlers instead of scientists, physicians and legal departments. Our Constitution is a directive that helps presidents protects our democracy. This president has been enabled and pushes his limits thinking no rules apply to him. He wants to mess with our indispensable Postal Service and get rid of the Affordable Care Act in a pandemic. Now if reelected, he proposes more tax breaks, which subtract revenues affecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Educate yourselves by reading the candidates’ platforms and see which candidate wants to move the country forward and work for all the people. And which blames, divides, lies and put anyone’s lives at risk. “It is what it is!”

Let’s unite our country again! Vote.