What happened in Washington on Jan. 6 was an assault on the very foundations of democracy and our Constitution, and an act of terrorism.

I know there are people out there who are going on about how it was a false flag operation, or calling those terrorists who breached the Capitol “protesters,” or otherwise trying to minimize the whole thing. The response from law enforcement, the media, the military and others would have been very different if the crowd was largely composed of anything but White males.

This attempted coup was at President Trump’s instigation and direction, and he must be removed either through the 25th Amendment or impeachment. I believe he was hoping the terrorists would kidnap members of Congress. Don’t believe me? There are photos of terrorists with weapons and zip ties inside the Capitol which show their intent.

I never again want to hear any Republican spouting off about how they are the party of law and order. Nor how patriotic they are. Nor how committed they are to democracy. Nor how they care about the American people. They have brought shame and dishonor upon this country, and I am glad my grandparents did not live long enough to see that terrorist act.

If people are waiting for me to forgive Trump, these terrorists, or anyone who helped advance this terrorist act, they had better check the temperature in hell first.