Despite overwhelming evidence of the human impact on our climate, Sen. Joni Ernst said in a May 8 letter to me that “additional, objective research” is needed to determine why the Earth is warming.

This letter came six months after the United Nations warned if we don’t reverse global warming by 2030, we not only will continue to experience the floods, fires and hurricanes that have become more frequent and damaging because of climate change, we will see more poverty, food shortages, killing heat waves and rising sea levels.

Ernst uses the supposed lack of adequate science as her excuse for either doing nothing at all or making matters worse in this urgent matter.


She supported Donald Trump in rolling back Obama-era clean water standards and voted to confirm Andrew Wheeler as head of the Environmental Protection Agency and Bernard McNamee to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist,

has reduced fuel-efficiency standards and reversed cleaner-air requirements for coal-fired plants.

McNamee, in his Senate confirmation hearing, vowed to dismantle “regulatory burdens.” These “burdens” are what protect our health.

According to Politico, Ernst’s 2014 Senate campaign was launched and funded in large part by billionaire fossil-fuel executives Charles and the late David Koch who, decades ago, initiated efforts to discredit legitimate environmental science.

We need to fire Ernst in 2020 and elect a senator who won’t be bought by the fossil-fuel industry but, rather, will help preserve our planet for future generations.