Today I am very sad and yes, even angry as a result of the activities that happened at our nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. I never thought I would see a mob of anarchists siege our sacred halls.

I have volunteered in Kenya, the Ukraine and Belarus where this type of mob action might be expected, but I was always proud to share how our nation handles differences. Now we are just like these countries and others and no longer the example to the world. We never will be an example for nations again.

The most surprising was to see this incited by our president. He asked for this action. I am also very disappointed in Wisconsin’s Sen. Ron Johnson who was one of the Senate leaders encouraging this action by supporting the president’s lies and conspiracies. He should be censured, and he needs to be replaced at the next election.


The Tea Party takeover of the Republican Party allowed for President Trump to be elected. The party no longer believes in democracy. It is time for it to turn back to the Eisenhower Republican Party era beliefs when I was proud to volunteer for the Army and serve. If not, it should disappear and be replaced by a party that believes in democracy.

I encourage this paper that publishes editorial columns to comment about lies — like that this election was filled with fraud — when columnists continue these conspiracies. Written word conspiracies matter.