The Illinois Senate is trying to mess with us, that’s all I can conclude.

And I’m not just talking about people who live in the Land of Lincoln portion of the tri-state area. I’m talking about all of us in this area collectively, who move back and forth from one state to the other like crossing the street. Things could get weird.

The Illinois Senate took it upon themselves to make daylight saving time permanent in Illinois. A few more legislative steps and this could be happening.

Now, I will be among the first to say that this whole spring forward and fall back thing is a little goofy. Having nightfall at 4:30 p.m. is kind of depressing, and every parent of a toddler dreads anything that messes with the fragile sleep cycle. So I’m all for scrapping the back and forth and just making daylight saving time the standard year-round.

But, hey, Illinois — you can’t just go rogue and do it on your own. Think of your cheese-headed and corn-eared brethren. Don’t do us like that, Illinois.

I mean, sure, it would be fine in the summer, we’d all be on the same page. But then in the winter, suddenly Illinois students who go to school in Iowa or people who live in one state and work in Illinois will be spending their days in two different time zones.

I know this conundrum is not unheard of — Arizona sticks with daylight saving all the time, and I would imagine that screws up their neighboring states from time to time. But I’m going all “Not In My Back Yard” on this one. It seems quirky when Arizona does it. It seems terrible if Illinois does it.

I would think East Dubuque officials would lodge a complaint about such a change; just think what it would do to the after-bar rush on Sinsinawa Avenue. In winter, 2 a.m. would come an hour later in Iowa than Illinois, so the extra hour and a half when revelers “head east,” would be down to 30 minutes.

I can only imagine the confusion in reporting on the timing of events in Illinois in the TH. I can almost see the corrections mounting.

This plan of Illinoisans’ to chart their own course might get held up at the federal level (what? Red tape in Washington?!) It would take federal legislation to exempt Illinois from the Uniform Time Act of 1966 — as is the case in Arizona (well, and Hawaii, but they don’t really have neighbors so it doesn’t seem as weird.)

We feel you, Illinois, but let’s work on this together. How about the whole country moves this direction and daylight time becomes the norm everywhere? We’ve been editorializing on this issue for years, and now it seems to be catching hold. Some 35 states have introduced legislation of one form or another.

Bring on the change.

But just not one state at a time.

And if that’s the way it has to work, let’s not start in the tri-states.

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