In this time of COVID-19 pandemic and a strained political atmosphere, we need to find positive things in life. Despite some isolation and limited freedom, I have found things that bring me hope and joy.

The mostly peaceful demonstrations supporting Black Americans is one of the things that bring me hope! The participation of all ages and races being involved in the demonstrations shows an openness by people that has been missing for a long time.

There are those who bring me personal joy. The young man at the credit union with his teasing humor, pleasant people we meet on our walks, and the young family at Pet Smart who were all wearing face masks and thus showing concerns for others, brought me joy.

The little boy living behind us who mows grass every day with his toy mower gives us much enjoyment. My husband who helps care for my flowers, even though he also suffers with back pain, brings me comfort.

We must all attempt to be supportive of others, not gossiping or nitpicking about minor details. When we are belittling others or nitpicking we are demonstrating our own unhappiness. Be kind and stay happy.

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