A recent poll in the state of Iowa shows Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley in the closest race the senator has seen in more than 40 years in the Senate. His lead over Democrat Mike Franken has narrowed to 3 percentage points with less than a month until Election Day, according to a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

It appears the Iowa electorate’s longtime support for Grassley has waned, much like that of the Telegraph Herald Editorial Board.

Editorials reflect the consensus of the Telegraph Herald Editorial Board.

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Lou Stuhle

Term limits are necessary, but will never happen.


Grassley hasn't changed in recent years, the TH has moved further left.


Wish I had his drive and determination!! We need more people like this!


How is it possible that some citizens think the TH has moved left when they support an out of touch octogenarian Sen Grassley that is in line with Republican Senators out to minimize Jan 6 insurrectionist terrorist trying to destroy our democracy, force women in to abortions that endanger their health with no regards to rape and incest and 14 yr old girls forced to have babies, this Republican cabal of Senators wants to reduce greatly Medicare-Medicaid and social security payments, many of these Republican senators think $7.25 /hr in wages are too much but support huge tax breaks to the Oligarchy and corporations .


Time for Eb Dawson to go back to Green Acres. Arnold needs tending to.


Cmon man! An 88 year old man who has done so much for our state still needs to step aside. It’s time . Senator Grassley has had 40 years in the Senate long enough for any person to accomplish their goals. I think it would be so dignified for him to resign and push a bill for term limits. That. Would be something the old Chuck would have done.

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