Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. My children are grown yet they will always be my babies. To watch them mature has been such a gift.

Yet I know so many mothers are denied this gift for various reasons. In my family, my sister has been denied having her daughter in her life. My niece has been involved with The Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission for many years. Her family (other than an aunt and uncle who are also part of that group) are denied contact with — and access to — her. It has been 15 years since we have seen or talked to her. LHTBM is not approved by the Catholic Church, even though it claims to be. Per Archdiocese of Dubuque, “All Catholic faithful are cautioned against participation in and association with this group. Clergy and others in Church leadership are not to support or endorse LHTBM.” We remain grateful the archbishop issued his statement.


The most difficult part is not knowing if she’s OK. As an RN, she could be on the frontline with the coronavirus situation, yet we are told nothing. We get no updates on her health, her welfare — nada. I know her mother has asked our sister for updates with no response.

My purpose in writing? To let Dubuquers know many families are still hurting because of this cult. We are far from the only family impacted. My heart hurts for anyone being denied access to their loved ones. Please pray for all involved.