White lives matter. When was the last time you heard that phrase? Never you say? Why is that? I have a theory. You’ve never heard that phrase because there has never been a need to say it. It has been too obvious to express. It has been assumed.

Meanwhile, the idea of black lives mattering must be said because our history since before there was a United States have said just the opposite. The only way that black lives have mattered has been as a commodity, a threat and a target.


Today’s protests are the inevitable results of dehumanizing and suppressing a group of people with the clear intent of allowing another group to maintain power and privilege. In the long history of our world, situations like this have lead to revolution and the collapse of once-great civilizations.

Unless we want to allow our culture to continue to slide towards collapse, we need to make a change. We need to live the words of our Declaration of Independence. All men are created equal. Let’s make it so.