What are we doing in the Middle East? Are we “Fighting for Freedom”? If so, why are all of our allies kings, emirs, dictators, military juntas or an apartheid regime?

We think it important that the people in Hong Kong have our freedoms but give no thought to the freedoms of the people of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait or the Palestinians.

The apartheid system in South Africa was not as oppressive or as brutal to the blacks as the apartheid system in Israel and Palestine is to the Palestinians. We thought the former reprehensible, but find the latter perfectly OK.

Are we fighting radical Islam? If so, our major ally, Saudi Arabia, is the financier and protector of the most radical virulent sect of Islam, Wahhabism. The government builds mosques around the world, propagating growth of the sect. Two hundred citizens a year have their heads chopped in the center of Riyadh, some as young as 16, for as little as internet criticism of the government.

Our allies of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, U.A.E., Kuwait, etc., are the homes of the strictest forms of Islam. The countries we destroyed, Iraq, Syria and Libya, were homes to more moderate forms. If our goal is the reduction of terrorism, our policies seem counter- productive.

If our goal is to promote “freedom” around the world, shouldn’t we demand it from our allies before we demand it from our opponents?

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