I was for Joe Biden for a long time. Even when he was up against Barack Obama until the caucuses of 2008, I was for him. Even today, he looks like a person who could win over moderate Republicans in addition to any other sane-minded voter.

He “goes after Trump.” But he is “neoliberal,” someone committed to using the private sector to solve the issues facing our nation.

There is one other person, a person who goes after Donald Trump unlike anyone else running in the Democratic field. And Tom Steyer can appeal to the wealthier sectors of our society. Steyer has gone after Trump just as Trump accuses, wrongly, the entire Democratic Party. And he does this almost exclusively from going after others in the race.


There are many good candidates in the Democratic field. But Steyer has no “tarnish” that even might adhere to him. He appears free of the petroleum corporate world that holds both the Russian economy and the American economy in thrall. And he understands the most serious challenge to democracy: the corporate oligarchy.

If that disqualifies him in the eyes of Republicans of any stripe, so be it. Because it is that captivity of democracy that is causing most all Americans’ problems such as the impeachment inquiry that would not be happening if the people, rather than the corporate persons, were in control.