The word “Democrat” has been made a bad word among Christians through the tireless efforts of Republican politicians. The primary issue for most conservative Christians is, understandably, abortion. Republican politicians have taken hold of that and branded themselves as the party that values the sanctity of life, yet their policies are ineffective and counterproductive. Pro-life voters should vote for Democrats; not in spite of the issue of abortion, but because of it.

Many conservative voters who are uncomfortable with President Donald Trump’s behavior claim that it’s not about his rhetoric, it’s about his policies. In applying that logic to abortion, a deeper look into conservative policies of cutting women’s access to affordable birth control and other necessities shows that they are connected to rising abortion rates. In contrast, states that provide more funding for contraception have seen great reductions in their abortion rates.

Abortion is not an isolated issue, though. One of the top reasons women get abortions is that they feel like they can’t afford to have a child. Democratic plans to provide affordable health care and affordable child care would greatly help to address specific child-


related monetary concerns.

Democratic rhetoric on abortion is offensive to many, just as Republican rhetoric is on issues like immigration, welfare and many other issues. As a Christian in a party system where neither party is based in Christ, it is impossible to be completely satisfied by either candidate; but on issues as important as this, it is important to vote for real change.