The thankfully retiring Mayor Buol felt compelled to make one more authoritarian, socialist edict before leaving office. To selectively mandate masks at city-owned entities is strange and suspicious in motive.

Masks are not required at Q Casino, a public venue that attracts thousands each week. But masks are mandated at Grand River Center, where there are dozens of private events, including wedding receptions, private parties and conventions.

The maskless patrons of Q Casino also are allowed to smoke. American Cancer Society statistics state that 5,010 Dubuque County residents are currently living with cancer. Two hundred died from the disease last year and 50 of them from lung cancer.

By comparison, Dubuque County reported 141 new cases of COVID-19. But, the vaccination rate is better than the entire state, and the last report of hospitalization amounts to 0.0001% of the county population.

Q Casino pollutes lungs year-round but generates a lot of money for the city. Private events at Grand River Center don’t produce as much revenue. The selective choice of venues requiring masks seems quite clear.

This mandate is unconstitutional and unenforceable.

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