What can Dubuque and Iowa do with $27.4 million?

Here are a few ideas:

A pedestrian overpass at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Northwest Arterial that could be accessible for walkers, bikers, a parent pushing a stroller or people in a wheelchair. We have a trail along the arterial and along Chavenelle Drive, but walkers and bikers have to risk their lives to cross that intersection.

There are schools east and west of the arterial.

There’s lots of trash along the arterial that needs removal. It’s a mess. City departments and the Iowa Department of Transportation are not getting it done. The litter is obvious when you walk along the arterial. Maybe the city could recruit service groups or maybe some people needing to do community service could help with this.

We could use a continuous sidewalk along JFK Road. Maybe we could squeeze out $300,000 to put in a few hundred feet of sidewalk so people didn’t have to walk in the street to get to the hiking/biking path. I have seen people trudging through deep snow carrying groceries — no sidewalk for them.

Also, the State of Iowa has run out of funding for the solar credits that people are still waiting for Iowa tax credits, even though they installed their solar panels two or three years ago.

If we want to say Dubuque is “green,” we should be supporting walking to school, using the bike path, keeping it clean and encouraging renewable energy.

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