What a year it’s been.

I’ve been lucky enough to see true forward efforts with our ever-growing city. As a member of Young Professionals, I learned about a group called Leadership Dubuque. Since my involvement, I’ve been able to meet new people, get a peek at the Five Flag’s facelift to come in 2020, the up-and-coming and inclusive Miracle League ballpark and learn of new business acquisitions near and dear to Dubuque’s history.

I’ve helped in fundraising efforts with the NICC Student Crisis Fund, St. Mark’s Youth Enrichment and Resurrection School. Our nonprofits and for-profits highlight who we serve and how we impact. Involvement and passion in our community is rapidly increasing with outlets in volunteerism and service.

I’ve participated in Power Hours, luncheons, Business After Hours and even discovered the fun nightlife we have to offer in our restaurants, most recently enjoying the ones switching to their winter menus.

Our amazing workforce breathes life into our breweries, community events and propels our Dubuque history forward in the Millwork District development and Port of Dubuque activities yearlong.

I see a strong 2020 to come.

In looking back on this year, a reoccurring theme of forward movement has caught my eye and heart.