Dubuque needs to get with the program.

Dyersville received a wonderful attraction when the Field of Dreams team accepted an opportunity to hold a Major League Baseball game. Look at all the revenue it will produce for the community and the surrounding communities.

Yet, the “leaders” of our great town refuse to allow a minor league baseball team here. I sincerely hope that they see how this can grow a community, and the businesses in the community and surrounding communities.

For the life of me, I could never figure out why they turn it down every time it has been brought to the “table.”

Look at the attention this game in Dyersville is attracting, and the revenue it is projected to make. Do you not see that a minor league team would surely have famous ballplayers visiting and playing? We could accept such an offer and it would be pure family fun, what this town lacks in, in my opinion.

The people who make these decisions must be smart and look at what the people not only want but need.

Editor’s note: Local leaders in 2003 proposed a tax that would result in a minor league baseball team moving to Dubuque. Voters rejected it by a 63-37% margin.

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