Why is the vice president staying at a Trump golf course 150 to 180 miles away from a meeting in Dublin? What does it cost to jet him back and forth to Dublin on Air Force II? Couldn’t he at least stay for free like guests I invite to stay in my house? Driving is much cheaper and better for the environment than the big plane for those trips.

Does this administration need budgeting help and a reminder of the law that says a president shouldn’t make money off us, the taxpayers, to make, suggest, invite, people to stay at his properties? This trip involves aides, family, Secret Service, FBI and we don’t even know how many we are paying for.

The President spends $150,000 each weekend he stays at his properties and we don’t know how much money he makes on foreign visitors staying at his hotel in Washington DC. And now Trump wants to have the next G7 at his Doral golf course in Florida that is losing money? Does anyone care any longer or have we all burned out on the BS flying around every day? Read Article II of the Domestic Emoluments Clause.

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